Energy Law

Geothermal Energy by Sara Show

Offshore Drilling by Trevor Thielen

Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Waste Disposal by John Wallace

Energy Law: Waste Management by Shea Wilger

Wind Energy Development In South Dakota by Brooke D. Swier

Is Cellulosic Ethanol the Answer by Alex Halbach

Infrastructure Barriers To Alternative Energy Sources by Yvette Lafrentz

Future of Ethanol by Jenny Winterfeld

Socially Responsible Oil Companies: Corporate Ethics by Peter Fischer

Regulation for Voluntary Carbon Offsets by Katie Morgan

Algae as an Energy Source by Logan Hollers

Solar Southwest Initiative by Joseph Bolger

Federalism Implications for Climate Change by Jason Zenor

Ethanol Future by Sarah Harris

Crude Oil by LeRae Hancock

Hydropower in the Pacific Northwest by Justin Holthus

Hydrogen Transportation by Neal Anderson

Methane and Ranching by McLean Thompson

An Energy Efficient South Dakota by Amy Bartling

Net Metering: Spinning the Meter Backwards by Kinsley Powers

Legal Issues of Wind Power by Leslie Wilhelm

Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States by Elizabeth Overmoe

Nuclear Energy and Climate Change by Christopher LeFevre

Fusion by Carlos Badiola

Electricity Transmission Monopoly by Frederick J. Melkey

Transmission and Energy Diversity by Alan Gowell

Small Wind Power by Alfredo Fernandez

China Petro-Diplomacy by Christopher Houlihan


Public International Law, Human Rights and Environment

Adaptation & International Insurance by Ian Macdonald

Carbon Taxes v Cap & Trade by Yesenia Rey

Clean Development Mechanism in Action by Hastings Read

Comparative International Environmental and Trade Law by Maegan McCann

Elimination of Global Fossil fuel Subsidies and Public Choice Theory by Jordan Israel

Human Right & Environment by Juan Camilo Quintero

Mineral Right Disputes in the Arctic by Ryan Fingerhut

Poaching in Africa by Tricia Patel

Standing Doctrines in US & EU by Ryan Kehoe

Sustainable Development by Veroneque Blake

US and Climate by John Powell

International Criminal Court by Lindsey Quasney

Censoring Cyberspace by Mark Joyce

Human Trafficking by Mindy Ovenden

Convention on the Rights of the Child by Abby Van DenBerg

Children in Armed Conflict by Kathryn Rich

Suspected Terrorists by Twyla Kalas

Animal Law by Dave Stout

World Heritage Convention by Erin Bradley

Human Trafficking by Jenny Winterfeld

UN Restructuring by Dave Stout

Empowering Women In The Middle East by Teramie Hill

The United Nations and Indigenous Peoples by John Wallace

Antarctic Treaty System by Laura Brahms

International Criminal Court and Terrorism by Kristi Loose

International Humanitarian Law and Judicial Review by Megan Fitzgerald

No Reservations: a Return to Simplicity and the Purpose for the Multilateral Treaty by Philip Terwilliger

North Korea and the United Nations by John Wallace

Wind Energy CDMs & Clean Green Power by Nick Carda

International Trade & Trafficking in Wildlife & CITES by Joe Prieksat

Climate Change & the WTO by Neil Roesler

International Water Scarcity by Logan Hollers

Transboundary Air Pollution by Zachary Nesbit

Treaties in the U.S. Legal System and Climate Change (part 1) by William Anthony Smithson

NEPA and Space Law by Dana Saeger

Environmental and Humanitarian Impact of Cluster Bombs by John Wallace

International Storage of Nuclear Waste by Andrew Zumbach

Environmental Technology Transfer by Michael Barth

CITIES Listing Criteria for Keystone Species by Annie Horner


Environmental Law

Preserving Natural Resources Through Eminent Domain and the Evolving Definition of “Public Use” by
Amanda Andrade

Kyoto: Real World Implications by Amy Bartling

Endangered Act? The Endangered Species Act of 1973 by Krista Benson

Conservation Reserve Program: A Productive Past and Challenging Future by Adam Benson

Cercla: Why the Need for Reformation Has Arisen by Todd Bradford

Effects of the Homestake Gold Mine on Whitewood Creek by Megan Fitzgerald

Ogallala Aquifer by Sarah Harris

Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution by Logan Hollers

Sustainability of South Dakota's Water Resources by Justin Holthus

America's Wetlands by Rebekah Jessen

Renewable Energy in America: A Closer Look at Ethanol, Solar, and Ocean Energy by Christopher Jung

Agriculture Subsidies: An Analysis of Mandatory Conservation Programs by Robert Konrad

Environmental Quality Incentives Program: Grading An Unlevel Playing Ground by Katie Morgan

Sustainable Development by Elizabeth Overmoe

Criminal Environmental Sanctions: Federal Statutes and Sentences by Sara Show

Treating Tribes as States by Meghann Reifenrath

Las Vegas Water Supply: Who Should Have Priority of Water Use? By Lee Pekoske

Treaties in the U.S. Legal System and Climate Change (part 2) by William Anthony Smithson

Environmental Racism: Discrimination in the Placement of Hazardous Waste by Courtney Stottler

People of the State of California versus General Motors Corporation: Is Global Warming Really a Political Question? by Nicole Rae Strong

Environmental Defense versus Duke Energy Corp.: Why Pollution Is Still Pollution During Non-Business Hours by Philip Terwilliger

Impact of Climate Change on Inupiat Villages in Alaska, the Struggle to Access Government Aid, and the Available Legal Recourse by John Wallace

Environmental Effects of Offshore Oil Drilling by Katie Werth

Wildlife Management and the Effects of Hunting by Christopher White

Water Rights Compacts: Arkansas River Compact a Thing of the Past or Still Effective by Shea Wilger

Saving Bear Butte and other Sacred Sites by Karly Winter

Protecting South Dakota's Paleontological Resources by Melissa Bates

The Ethanol Dilemma: Burning our Food to Decrease our Dependence on Foreign Oil by DianaRingen

Nuclear Waste: The Saga of Yucca Mountain by Andrew Zumbach

Pesticides by Michael Barth

Wetlands: Rapanos by Annie Horner

Federalism, the Dormant Commerce Clause, and the Environment by Marie Olson

Methamphetamine: the Double Edged Sword by Aimee Nielsen

Endangered Species Act and Property Rights by Amy Gerdes


Water Law

Hydrokinetic Energy by Derek Bertsch

Adaptive Management by Joe Prieksat

Interbasin Water Transfers by Logan Hollers

Instream Flows and SD Water Law by Balam Tomlin

Conjunctive Use of Water by Kristen Berry

Missouri River Pick-Sloan Plan by Justin Holthus

Colorado River by Cesar Juarez

Lake Powell Pipeline by Robert Winsor

Water in Armed Conflict by Mel Ure

Reserved Water Rights by Delia Druley

Shortcomings of NRC Groundwater Remediation Regulations by Jacob Henry

Wind Cave Federal Reserve Water Rights by James Berreth

Leadville by Shea Wilger

The Great Lake Compact by Dana Saeger

International Whaling Commission by Krista Benson

Lake Tahoe Basin by David Buchler

Cultural and Spiritual Use of Water by Shaun Eastman

The Oahe Dam by Wayne Stone

Navigable Waters and Private Property in SD by Chase Adams

Military Policies on Water Use by Cathy Mitchel

New Orleans’ Uncertain Future: Reconstructing the Levees or
Restoring the Coastal Wetlands By Diana Ringen


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